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BITCOIN Cash Desk Solution

Our goal is to make Bitcoin purchasing for you and your customers as simple and secure as possible. Our experience shows that the conversion rate for the acquisition of new customers is significantly higher through human interaction as compared to when a new customer conducts his first business interaction through a machine. In some areas, machines cannot yet compete with humans!


A cashier is faster and dealing with him is less awkward, as he does not expect the buyer to know his way around and is available to provide support to the customer. And while the cashier is doing his job, the customer can watch and relax.

Therefore, the optimal solution to enter the Bitcoin business is a cash desk solution that can be installed without additional hardware costs.

Your advantages at a glance


  • Change cash to Bitcoin.
  • Compatible with all popular Bitcoin wallets of your customers.


  • The easiest way for your customers to buy Bitcoin.
  • Your shop design will not be changed (as it would be by setting up an ATM).


  • Fast and uncomplicated processing for cashiers.
  • The customer receives the bitcoins immediately (in less than a minute).


  • No additional hardware investment.
  • No additional electricity costs.


  • Fully customizable limits and rights management.
  • Four-eyes principle for large amounts.
  • Easy and secure KYC solution integrated.

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It's that easy to buy Bitcoin
for your customers


Go to cash desk ...

Go to cash desk ...

The customer goes to the cash desk and states the Bitcoin amount he wants to buy.

The customer shows the QR code of his wallet, which is scanned by the POS software.


... pay in cash ...

... pay in cash ...

The customer pays in cash. Depending on the country, the customer may have to go through a KYC process.

CoinCompany offers integration of ID scanners for the automated readout of national identity cards.


... receive BITCOIN.

... receive BITCOIN.

The customer automatically receives the desired Bitcoin amount.

The billing of the shop-in-shop solution is based on EURO so that there is no exchange rate risk for the cash desk operator.

About us and our

Mission Bitcoin

Our goal is to make buying Bitcoin for you and your customers as simple and secure as possible.


We have a lot of experience in blockchain and selling virtual goods for fiat money. In addition, we have many years of experience in the areas of high-security solutions and cryptography.




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